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We are excited to welcome a new postdoctoral fellow Jonathan Palozzi and an undergraduate student Katherine to our lab!

We welcome Don-Won Jeong, a new post doc to our lab, who comes to us from Seoul National University to study the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial disease!

A big congrats to our postdoc Conor Ronayne for getting a Research Assistant Professorship at the University of Minnesota Duluth, his dream job, starting in March! You will be sorely missed but we look forward to your future work!

We're happy to see the preprint out form a great collaboration we did with the Spiegelman out now on Biorxivs looking at the role of PGC-1α in exercise adaptation in the heart! Our grad student Tevis performed some computational analysis showing that similar effects were seen in humans as were observed in the study's new mouse model.

We are excited to welcome another visiting Ph.D. student from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Beatriz! Welcome!

Review published: Check out the latest review from post docs Conor and Pedro discussing Mitochondrial-ER communication in health and disease, congrats!

We have a new preprint out now! Amazing work by postdoctoral fellow Pedro combining physiology and cryo-EM to make fascinating insights into a novel Complex I supercomplex arrangement, congrats to all involved! 


It's been a great month for fellowships! Congrats to postdocs Thomas Jackson on his Cancer Research Institute fellowship, Conor Ronayne on his F32 NIH fellowship, and Jee Hyung Sohn on her American Heart Association fellowship!

Report published: Conor's paper on how Tetracyclines activate mitoribosome quality control is up now in EMBO reports, give it a read!

We are very excited to publish our first pre-print exploring the field of cancer immunology! Check out our story on how selective mitochondrial respiratory deficiency causes tumor immunogenicity!

We welcome a visiting student Marina to our lab who is working with us for the next 6 months! She comes to us from the lab of José Antonio Enríquez Domínguez at CNIC in Spain.

Preview published: Take a look at the preview we wrote, out now in Molecular Cell, looking at a great paper describing a glucose-sensing and activation mechanism of mTORC1 through the glycosyltransferase OGT!

Check out the new synopsis of our latest paper and its broader implications in helping prevent and treat obesity and diabetes in the Dana-Farber news!

Report published: Make sure to read out newest paper out now in Cell Metabolism looking at the role of liver cristae and MIC19 in promoting energy expenditure locomotion by altering nucleotide metabolism!

We welcome two new members to the lab this month with Matthew Ravichandran joining us after graduating from Gordon College as our new technician and Weijia Gao joining us as a summer student from Oxford University, welcome!

Congratulations to Conor for winning the UMDF accelerators Prize! It's the labs third fellowship this month, great job Conor! 

A huge congratulations to Pedro Latorre Muro for receiving the NIH Pathway to Independence Award K99/F00 from NIDDK! We are very proud of the work you've done in the lab and look forward to see what great science you produce in your own lab!

Conor Ronayne presented a great talk at the end of June at the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation's (UMDF) Mitochondrial Medicine Symposium, where he is a finalist for the UMDF accelerators Prize, well done!

Congratulations to our new postdoctoral fellow Yingjie Guo for receiving the Robert J. Weissman Fellowship from the Cancer Biology Department here at DFCI!

We welcome the latest new member of our lab, Yingjie Guo, new postdoctoral fellow joining us from Beijing! 

Report published: Check out our latest paper demonstrating a novel way to sensitize BRAF-treatment resistant melanomas to HMGCR inhibitors through PGC1α suppression from Jiaxin Liang out in Nature Communications!

We welcome our newest rotation student, Josh Choe to the lab! 

We welcome a new postdoctoral fellow into the lab Tom Jackson, who comes to us from Melbourne. Glad to have you join us.

Check out our new preprint now up on bioRxiv! It is a follow up to our previous Nature Metabolism paper looking at the mechanism dictating how tetracycline help promote survival in mitochondrial disease models by suppressing IRE1α. 

We congratulate our graduate student Tevis for passing his Preliminary Qualifying Exam this March, well done!


Congratulations to Jee Hyung Sohn in our lab for receiving the Friends of Dana-Farber grant to help fund our research looking into novel small molecule therapies for renal cell carcinoma!

Congratulations to our very own Deyang Yu for receiving the 2022 AACR Merck Immuno-oncology Research Fellowship to fund his research.
Review published: Check out our review from Chris, Pedro and Pere on mitochondrial respiration adaptation that was published in Nature Reviews Molecular cells biology in July here.
Review published: Check out our review from Pedro and Pere on the link between OXPHOS metabolism and macrophage migration published in EMBO journal in June here.
We bid farewell to Beste Multu as she moves on to Developmental Cell as a Scientific Editor! Look out for future publications from her work during her time with us.  
Pere Puigserver gave an invited talk as a part of the Susan Swerling Lectures Seminars in Oncology on June 7th, check out a recording here!
We welcome back Tevis Vitale as he has decided to join our lab, welcome! We look forward to seeing your future work. 
We bid farewell to our technician Noa Kantorovich as she takes a job as a clinical research coordinator as she applies to medical school, good luck Noa!
We welcome our first rotation student of the year, Tevis Vitale, to the lab this March.
We congratulate Elizabeth Perry on the successful defense of her dissertation this February, she will be moving onto her dental medicine residency at UCLA. 
We bid farewell to Chris Bennett as he takes his next step as a Senior Scientist at Atavistik Bio this January, best of luck Chris!
We welcome our newest post-doctoral fellow Jee-Hyung Sohn to the lab, welcome! 


Review published: Check out our short review from Beste and Pere on the controversy of peripheral cannabinoid receptor 1 in fatty liver disease, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation this November here!
Review published: Check out our review from Chris, Conor, and Pere on targeting mitochondrial bioenergetic deficiencies in human disease published this September in the FESB Journal here!
Report published: Check out our new paper from Chris on how ether phospholipids link nucleotides to respiratory supercomplex assembly published this March is Nature Chemical Biology here!
Report published: Check out our new paper from Pedro on how the cold stress PERK/OGT axis controls mitochondrial protein import and cristae formation published this February in Cell Metabolism here!
Report published: Check out our new paper from Elizabeth on how Tetracyclines promote cell survival in mitochondrial disease models published this January in Nature Metabolism here!

January 2018

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences publishes their installment of the annual reviews series The Year in Diabetes and Obesity. Insulin regulation of gluconeogenesis, a review written in part by members of the Puigserver Laboratory, was highlighted on the cover of the series. Founded in 2010, the series has a dedicated Editorial Advisory Board of distringuished researchers. (Hatting et al. 2018)

June 2015

Pere Puigserver received the Outstanding Scientific Achievement from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) at its 75th Scientific Sessions June 5-9 in Boston.

August 2014

New research from Yoonjin Lee in our laboratory and colleagues published in Nature identifies components of the cell cycle machinery that control glucose homeostasis. This work has strong implications for the regulatory mechanisms in metabolic diseases, aging and cancer. (Lee et al. Nature 2014).

June 2014

Pere Puigserver was listed among the top researchers around the globe by Thomas Reuters, which released their 2014 list of “The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds” in June. The world’s top researchers earned their distinction by publishing the highest number of articles that rank among those most frequently cited by fellow researchers. Download the report: http://thomsonreuters.com/articles/2014/worlds-most-influential-scientific-minds-2014

June 2013

Pere Puigserver presented on "Mitochondrial Biogenesis Through Activation of Nuclear Signaling Proteins" at the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Dynamics in Health Disease and Aging conference, June 16-21, 2013 in Big Sky, Montana. The conference was organized by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).